Change is Constant

I believe that “change is constant.”

A former boss and mentor once told me, “If you don’t like the way things are going…Wait six months, because things will change.” So far that statement is the one thing that has been perpetual in my life.  I’ve come to realize that if you don’t expect, embrace, and adapt to change…You will be fighting against the tide day-in and day-out.

I’ve learned to embrace change.  Like everyone, I have managed situations that have changed my life.  Granted, I know others have dealt with more significant events than I have. There is not a specific list to qualify a change.  Changes can be significant or insignificant; positive or negative.  The magnitude of change is irrelevant.  This isn’t about who has had to deal with more, challenges and I’m not trying to teach you to deal with change.  I’m just trying to explain how I got “here” and give you a little background into my rational for creating this blog.

My boss mentor changed my life and now I try to make my self just a little better everyday.

This sounds like a grand statement, but it is simple!  I try to think, learn or act in a way that is going to make me a little better everyday.  This philosophy is relatable and doable in all phases of life (self, career, relationships, etc.).  Now, I’m not perfect (far from it) and there are various levels of change/improvement each day and some days there is little to no change, but I try to:

  • Learn something new about myself, my career, people around me…anything.
  • Improve my fitness, nutrition, performance (go a little faster, do one more rep, improve technique)
  • Help others (hold a door, offer to help a stressed co-worker, help a friend)
  • Support Non-Profit organizations (Sussex County Women’s Forum)
  • Make my little piece of the world better (pick up that wrapper that has been left on the ground)

As I said, I’m not perfect and on some days, my efforts are to reduce the impact of negative change and consequences to my actions.  I try to learn something everyday, so I welcome your honest feedback and encourage sharing and comments.  *Constructive* criticism can be very effective.

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13 Responses to Change is Constant

  1. ahmedfraih says:

    That’s great. I wish I can force myself to do the same thing. I support you, move on!

  2. joedalio says:

    Very ironic but true! I love the bullet point suggestions here and how can easily enhance our lives and the lives of those around us.

    • mikever40 says:

      Thank you @joedalio! It is a simple theory and one that has kept me positive…well, gotten me through (I’m not always positive) all of my #life transitions.

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  4. Pete says:

    Well said my friend..

  5. Ruth says:

    Good luck, bad luck…who can tell? Just Lean into it and trust where you’re being led :-). Really great to start a blog Mike. Keep your awesome creativity flowing!

  6. Tina says:

    Change is constant. And what a novel idea that changes are a result of our Choices. Thus, my 3C tattoo. I cannot Control things (or people), I didn’t Cause everyone’s problems ( choices did), in my situation the third C was for Cure (I cannot Cure others) – but I often substitute it for Choices.

    • Thank you Tina! I like your trilogy (Control – Cause/Choices – Cure)! As with many things, it all depends on perspective. Your theory is a lot to get one’s head around and each “C” can have different meaning to different people. I tend to direct the trilogy inward (everyone can have a different definition) I hope this is in-line with your comment. I think I’m going to turn this response into a blog post. 🙂

      Control — We can’t control things or people, but we can control our actions, behaviors, choices, responsibilities. To me, I’d say…I can’t change things beyond my control, but I can manage (or try to better manage) my life, or to-do list…as best I can.

      Choices — I totally believe that our choices (both positive and negative) map out the course of our personal and professional lives. Again, trying to be a little better every day…That is not to say it works every day. Some choices have a positive impact on that objective, while others have a negative impact. Either way, some choices are self-serving or destructive (at varying levels — some insignificant and some life impacting/changing).

      Cure — I see this as re-assessing the actions, behaviors, choices that I made and continuing to the positive actions or adjusting from the negative actions to stay on the course or path that I desire. It could be identifying that an action provided a positive result and I want to build on that progress OR It can be course-correction or dealing with the consequences of the actions I took that may have derailed me.

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