Excellent perspective from a former Crossfit Games Athlete Julie Foucher.

Comfort in the Uncomfortable

Whether I was watching 60-year-olds fight their way through events that would leave 20-year-olds gasping for breath, demonstrating events for the competitors alongside legends that inspired me to start my own CrossFit journey four years ago, or offering a quick “Good luck” to someone who had been a rival a year ago, the perspectives offered by my experiences at the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games are irreplaceable.

I’d be lying to say that I didn’t feel a tinge of sadness over the course of the week or shed a tear or two behind my oversized sunglasses, but between those fleeting moments I was overwhelmed with a feeling of celebration.  Along with the impressive contingent of fans, volunteers, vendors, and support staff I celebrated the hard work of the CrossFit Games athletes and their representation of the Sport of Fitness. I sat back and once again reveled in this amazing movement called…

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Career in Transition

In keeping with the change and transition theme of this blog, I am directing you to an interesting article from Professional Services Group, Central New Jersey (PSGCNJ), an organization that supports unemployed and underemployed professionals in central New Jersey and the surrounding areas:

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Change is Constant

I believe that “change is constant.”

A former boss and mentor once told me, “If you don’t like the way things are going…Wait six months, because things will change.” So far that statement is the one thing that has been perpetual in my life.  I’ve come to realize that if you don’t expect, embrace, and adapt to change…You will be fighting against the tide day-in and day-out.

I’ve learned to embrace change.  Like everyone, I have managed situations that have changed my life.  Granted, I know others have dealt with more significant events than I have. There is not a specific list to qualify a change.  Changes can be significant or insignificant; positive or negative.  The magnitude of change is irrelevant.  This isn’t about who has had to deal with more, challenges and I’m not trying to teach you to deal with change.  I’m just trying to explain how I got “here” and give you a little background into my rational for creating this blog.

My boss mentor changed my life and now I try to make my self just a little better everyday.

This sounds like a grand statement, but it is simple!  I try to think, learn or act in a way that is going to make me a little better everyday.  This philosophy is relatable and doable in all phases of life (self, career, relationships, etc.).  Now, I’m not perfect (far from it) and there are various levels of change/improvement each day and some days there is little to no change, but I try to:

  • Learn something new about myself, my career, people around me…anything.
  • Improve my fitness, nutrition, performance (go a little faster, do one more rep, improve technique)
  • Help others (hold a door, offer to help a stressed co-worker, help a friend)
  • Support Non-Profit organizations (Sussex County Women’s Forum)
  • Make my little piece of the world better (pick up that wrapper that has been left on the ground)

As I said, I’m not perfect and on some days, my efforts are to reduce the impact of negative change and consequences to my actions.  I try to learn something everyday, so I welcome your honest feedback and encourage sharing and comments.  *Constructive* criticism can be very effective.

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How I got here! My Fitness Journey

I was overweight/obese my entire life. I’d lost and gained for years.  The tipping point was when I was going through a merger at work 2006, then a divorce in 2008. I was in the worst shape of my life — 5’5″ and 235.

A high school friend could hear the despair in my voice and challenged me to sign up for a 10K run, because it would give me a goal to work for and keep me motivated. I was concerned, because I couldn’t run from the couch to the fridge, but I took the challenge.

I started by walking. The walking turned into running and I was able to complete the race and ran the entire course!  I was very slow, but that race was the catalyst to my transformation.

I continued to run, quit smoking, and attended Weight Watchers meetings at work. I lost the majority of the weight with that recipe, but hit a plateau and needed a change.  I joined a crossfit gym (RedShed Crossfit) and followed the Paleolithic nutritional lifestyle. I am now 155lbs and am currently training to run the 2013 New York Marathon.

This is what life is supposed to be!

It is a constant struggle and I can never anticipate what will happen from one day to the next.  I simply take it one day at a time and continue to follow the philosophy of trying to be a little better every day.

IMG9521332013 Wildcat Ridge Romp Mile 7_2
I attached a before and after.  This is the only pic I have from the old me!  The recent photo was taken at a 10 mile trail race (Aug 10, 2013) .  I came in 11th out of 62.
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